Our Story


Time, that great sculptor, has brought us here, and we love to be here. Of course we have an address, but Olive Cycling’s real home is this old-world “pier”, where other lands, other colors, other people came from, and we like to be here, among the “welcome” to those who arrive and “bem haja” as a return vote for those who depart.

In Portugal you need less to enjoy more. Thus begins our passion for the bicycle, for its simplicity, for harmony with the environment around us. With less speed, we “see” better. Cities embraced by its walls that sing medieval glories, small ports with great history, spanning the blue of the whole sea, dormant roads that united an empire, vast vineyards, sober olive groves, all under this cloak of Mediterranean light.

On cool mornings or bright afternoons we cycle to discover the small details that reveal the great moments are the essence, sharing and spirit of Olive Cycling. Welcome.

We have been preparing cycling tours in Europe for over 20 years.

One of our “classic” trips is cycling the Portuguese Camino de Santiago.

With so many years organizing tours and so many kilometers on the road we are no longer surprised by some obstacles or unexpected situations that we face!



Born and raised in Lisbon, many were the summers I spent travelling throughout Europe with my parents and later with friends, opening up my horizons as well as motivating me to travel more.

When I couldn’t leave Lisbon, due to my studies and later to work, cycling was my short escape and that’s how, at the age of 18, mountain biking and road cycling became a passion.

Despite having studied geophysics, in 1997 I had the opportunity to start writing for the first Portuguese mountain bike magazine and soon became a journalist in mountain biking.

Now I have the best job in the world: when I am not spending time with my family I am organizing and guiding bike tours!


All my career, personal life and as an Olympic sports person (in a different sport) cycling has always been present.

You can always count on me, either on the hardest climb of the “Tour de France” or in the most relaxing Alentejo landscape.

  • Professional career as a manager of a sports-related family business
  • Bicycle tour guide certified by the “Tour de France” and “Vuelta de España” organizations
  • Former Olympic Sailing Athlete
  • Passionate about cycling and travel

Travelling on business or pleasure and wonder where all the best routes for road cycling are?

We have been selected to be the Portugal Representatives for Global Cycle Rides who are based in Australia.