Sustainable Tourism



At Olive Cycling we contribute to the development of sustainable tourism, from what we eat to the operation of the tours.

Our suppliers are mainly local companies and have commitments within their communities.

The fruit and some snacks that we offer on our tours are from local producers, which gives them 100% of their profits to continue production.

The picnics we offer you on our tours are mainly bought in local grocery stores and consist of local products. It effectively connects consumers with producers, cutting out the supermarket – or middle man – and thereby threatening to drastically shake up the way that Portugal food supply chain operates.


Carbon “toe print”: when you ride our e-bikes your batteries were charged from one of the “greenest “ power suppliers in the world – EDP, so, the 22 terawatts/hour of clean energy they produce in a year is enough juice for ebike battery charges. We will leave no more than a gentle Carbon “toe print” behind.

We are happy to be part of this adventure called “Olive Cycling”!